The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down,
a guidance for the people, and clear verses of guidance and criterion.
[Quran: Chapter 2:183]


Monday, September 6, 2010

Clothes for Eid

It is sunnah (Prophet's practice) to wear one's best clothes, or new clothes (if one can afford it) on Eid-al-Fitr.

Most Muslim women these days do spend some time deciding on what to wear for Eid.

For instance, we came across this interesting news article on women in Afghanistan preparing for their Eid clothes, back in 2008!

Afghan `Eid…New Clothes, Busy Tailors & News Agencies
Mon. Sep. 29, 2008

KABUL — With `Eid ul-Fitr around the corner, preparations for the celebration are in full swing, with markets, clothes shops and cookie stalls in Kabul doing brisk trade.

But tailors remain the busiest, working around the clock to satisfy customers who want new clothes for `Eid.

"It's good business but it makes us very tired and very impatient," Mobin Frough, a 24-year-old tailor in the capital Kabul, told Agence France Presse (AFP) on September 29.

Frough and his two other young men are squeezed into a one-room shop in northern Kabul, working round the clock at their sewing machines.

"I have worked as a tailor for 10 years, so I can do it," says red- and bleary-eyed Frough.

Across the city, Safar Mohammad, 22, stands in his tiny shop at a sewing machine that is hand-operated, with a measuring tape around his neck.

Just like Frough, the line between day and night is blurred for Mohammad who will stay up sewing almost all night for the next few days, snatching only few hours of sleep in the early morning.

It's no an easy task since electricity is irregular and can be available just a few hours a day.

However, Mohammad is willing to defy the odds to satisfy customers who want their `Eid clothes ready as quickly as possible.

High Demand

This is boom time for Kabul's tailors, with many Afghans getting at least one new outfit for the three-day `Eid.

"The orders are really high," Habibullah Walizada, who has a larger operation in a wealthy Kabul area close to parliament, told AFP.

"And they want them on time, so we have to work really hard," added Walizada, who has a staff of 20 men working almost non-stop.

About half of his customers have chosen Western-style jackets and trousers for `Eid. Others still prefer the traditional wear.

Aisha, 40, says she has had four punjabi suits -- Indian-style long tops and loose trousers -- made for this year's `Eid.

"Some women will spend 100 dollars, some make six outfits and then everywhere they go they will change," she says as she stands in the tailor's shop waiting for her clothes.

Mohammad, the tailor in the tiny Kabul shop, says that even his small business has seen a deluge of orders, making about 100 outfits this `Eid.

He earns during the `Eid season about five times that of the rest of the year.

"This is the time we have to work hard to make money."

To that end, we have a few Eid clothes picks for Muslim women. This outfits are meant ONLY for the Muslim sisters!

Eid Clothes Picks

Arab Traditional Dress

Islamic Fashion Dresses

Asian Eid Clothes


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