The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down,
a guidance for the people, and clear verses of guidance and criterion.
[Quran: Chapter 2:183]


Friday, September 26, 2008

Ramadan Bazaar | Eid Preparations in Singapore

With Eid fast approaching, people are trying to find time to make last minute purchases from home funishings to new clothes for the big celebration. Today, we feature some pictures taken at a Ramadan Bazaar in Singapore where people are busy shopping.

Eid Clothes in Singapore

Malay Muslim families in Singapore like to dress in the same color theme for Eid. So many clothings stores actually sell family Eid clothes in the same color, such as in the pictures above. It is a common sight to see an entire family alll decked out in the same color as they go visiting homes on Eid day. It cute to see this phenomenon - and it is not commonly seen in other Muslim cultures. Please correct me if I am wrong!

This is the baju kebaya, which is worn by the younger female members of the family. The top is usually single colored, and the bottom is a sarong, traditionally made of batik material, but these days you can find the sarong made in a variety of materials.

This is a baju kurung, a loose flowing top, worn with a tailored straight skirt.

Eid Home Decorations in Singapore

Artifical flowers of all kinds and in a variety of colors are found at the bazaar, which are used to enliven a home. And there is no need for maintenance - no need for daily waterings.

Colorful curtains abound in the bazaars.

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Special Ramadan Series

Dear Reader, Assalaamu’alaikum.

Ramadan Mubarak. We wish you a blessed and productive Ramadan! Make no mistake about it - keeping the fast and increasing our acts of worship during this blessed month is not an easy task. The physical demands of balancing work or school with fasting all day, feeling fatigued and less effective than you normally are, waking up for Suhoor, praying Teraweeh and Tahajjud prayers, dealing with sleep deficits.

But the last thing we would want is to let Ramadan pass us by without doing all that we aim and desire to. Do not allow yourself to feel guilty or regretful when Ramadan passes.

The Ramadan Series will send you emails with practical tips on how to gain and maintain the physical and spiritual energy necessary to embark on increased religious oligations so that you will reap the benefits from this blessed month. This includes special Ramadan duas to say during the month. Do sign-up today!

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